Micro-SIM Card

Remove the SIM card cover.

Insert at least one SIM card in the first cardholder.

Please make sure that the SIM card is activated for data communication.

4G LTE Antenna

Connect antennas directly or with an extension cable to the corresponding antenna connector.

A1 – The primary LTE antenna port functions as both transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX)

A2The secondary LTE antenna port functions as a receiver (RX) only

Local Area Network

Connect the first Ethernet port of the router to a computer.

By default, the router is configured as a DHCP server and has the IP address

Power Supply

First, connect the power supply cable to the router.

Then connect the power supply to the power supply.

Verify system is ready

Review the status (STAT) LED indicator to confirm the router is ready.

blinking – The device is busy due to startup, software or configuration update.

solid – The device is ready.


The web manager is the easiest option for configuring the router.

Make sure that your computer is configured as a DHCP client and is not connected to another network. Then connect the computer to the router and wait a little while until the computer is connected to the network and has received all parameters (IP address, subnet mask, standard gateway, DNS server)..

Open a web browser and enter the default URL to open the login screen of the web manager.

The first time that you log in to your router through the web manager, you have to set the password for the admin/root user.

Follow the instructions of the web manager and configure the device according to your requirements.

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