Designed by NetModule in Switzerland

Industrial IoT router

The compact NB800 is a cost-effective solution for a robust Internet connection in an industrial environment. The small form factor and advanced software features make it ideal for a range of connectivity tasks. The NB800 includes an LTE module for wireless Internet connection, GNSS, Serial port and Ethernet port.

We stand confidently behind our routers to give you an extended 5-year warranty

Why Choose Us

Industrial IoT 4G LTE Router - top view


The standards IoT Routers meet and certifications achieved by our industrial products allow them to be resilient in the harshest environments, around hazardous materials, and operational in extreme temperatures.


We value your input.  It assist us improve and develop our software.  We provide regular “Release Notes” which detail how your feedback has been implemented in software updates, whether simple bug fixes or new features available.

Regular and detailed Release Notes saves you from needless delays, repeat reporting of issues and increased project hours.


NetModule powered by powerful OpenEmbedded with Web, USB and CLI configuraiton


By selecting Industrial rated communication equipment, you’ll have a much better shot at keeping your sites up and running.